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The company P. Petrakoglou – K. Bekiaris General Partnership - QFS has been active since 2009 with the trading and distribution of foodstuffs in order to cater professional catering areas such as fast food, restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, snack bars and more.

The company has a fully organized distribution network with privately owned refrigerator trucks and is able to serve the needs of its customers on a daily basis in Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki.

The steady upward trend of the company is due to:

  • 30 years of experience and know – how in the food industry.
  • Excellent quality of products and services.
  • Specialized human resources
  • Continuous training of staff on food safety, management and implementation of the HACCP system.

Having an excellent profile, "QFS" can and does maintain long-term partnerships with the most reliable European and Greek food industries.

So, our goal is the complete solution for the professional with the choice of top quality products at competitive prices.